5 reasons to use social media for your company



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5 reasons to use social media for your company

Post a photo on Instagram of that nice restaurant or ask a question on LinkedIn: today is social media can no longer be ignored. It has now become a part of everyday life for many people. Not only we as people use the social media channels, many companies and entrepreneurs are too found on the platforms. We list the reasons for this below.

1 A huge reach

The world of social media continues to grow. More and more users are added and the functions on the channels are getting more and more extensive. This ensures that you can reach more and more people and that means that your company will become even more famous. Especially in the evening and in the afternoon the highlights are reached. on That's when most people are scrolling through their feeds. So post content regularly and try a story to tell. Because of this you will definitely be seen.

2 More interaction

Where we used to have to queue for hours to get to customer service, we can now simply send us a message on Facebook with our question. The customer can also contact you in a simple way provide feedback and improvements. This gives you a better insight into the wishes and needs of your customers. This in turn ensures that you can develop your company even better. Thanks to social media, the customers can contact your company in an accessible way.

3 Build trust

Social media is a good way to build trust towards the customer. Make sure you excel in the authority and expertise of your company. By regularly posting about this, you show the customer that you believe in your company and that you know what you are doing. Complete this with posts about your company, your team and 'a look behind the scenes', giving customers a familiar feeling. In addition, this allows you to give your company a personal touch.

4 Social media is a cheap marketing tool

You don't need expensive systems to view the results of your social media posts. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram itself offer a lot of results with which you can analyze your content. In addition, with social media to specifically reach your target group in a very cheap way. This makes the use of social media even more attractive.

5 Recruit staff

People looking for a job search the internet. They go to different job boards stop by, check the vacancies at employment agencies and not to forget… look around on social media. How much companies don't know is that social media plays a major role in recruiting staff. People mainly search for suitable vacancies on LinkedIn and Facebook. If they have a nice company in mind, they often Have a look at the Instagram page to get a first impression of your company. Leave social media therefore do not hesitate if you are looking for new staff.