All the ins and outs about email marketing



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All the ins and outs about email marketing

You have probably received an email from a clothing store with a personal discount code, or a newsletter from the sports association with weekly updates. No less than 93 percent of the Dutch people regularly receive these kinds of e-mails. This is also known as email marketing, which is a good way to reach the right audience. Below we explain everything about email marketing.

What is email marketing?

To introduce new products, to keep in touch with the customer or to provide information is all covered under email marketing. Thanks to these e-mails, the target group is approached directly, which has many advantages can bring. This way you can let customers bind more to your brand, generate new leads or more products sell to your existing customers. Plus, email marketing is still one of the best ways to get your approaching customers and it is advantageous.

How does email marketing work?

You can't just send some emails to some people. You won't get there that fast and a lot of people will like this see emails as spam. It is therefore important that you have a special software available. With this software you can send more targeted emails to customers who have signed up to receive emails from you. She have indicated this via a certain form on your website, for example, that they have agreed to receive emails from you. Nowadays, customers have to give permission for this.

As briefly mentioned, the customer has to fill out a form to sign up for your emails. They leave their contact details as their name and of course the e-mail address. The more information they leave in this form, the more targeted you can send emails. However, be aware of this: the more fields the customer has to fill in, the faster the customer drops out to register for you at all emails.

Okay, you've received the customer's details confirming they want to receive emails. From now on it is possible to send the customer emails using the email marketing software. This is all happening automatically and in addition you usually see through this software how long the customer has looked at your email, or links were clicked and whether your email was opened at all. Handy!

What are the benefits of email marketing?

There are countless benefits associated with this method of online marketing. We will do it below for you enumerate.

  1. Email marketing is very cheap. Often a subscription to an email marketing software is free or it costs you a few cents. Moreover, with such a subscription you can send countless emails at once. This makes a difference you a lot of writing.
  2. Email marketing focuses on the customer. You have probably been given data such as the name, the age and gender. Based on this data, you can use your marketing in a much more targeted way. It sees looks a lot more professional and nice when you see 'Dear John' at the top of an email than when it says "Customer", right? This also ensures that a customer will open his e-mail faster because he literally and figuratively speaking.
  3. Almost everyone will receive your email. Of course there are a number of e-mail addresses that are no longer are in use, but overall, 99.2 percent actually receive your email. Unfortunately opens long not everyone your e-mail: this percentage is a lot lower. On average, twenty percent of these people's email. But we look at it positively, because that is of course better than nothing.
  4. Of course sending e-mails is a lot more sustainable than if you have to provide everyone with a letter in the mailbox. Not only is it cheaper, but it's also better for the environment. Which we call it a win-win situation.