This way you can improve your ranking in Google



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This way you can improve your ranking in Google

Every website owner naturally wants to appear as high as possible in Google's search results. the higher you appears in those search results, the more people will click on your website. Yet it is a difficult job to finish in the big top 10. Fortunately, for every problem there is a solution, and so is for this. Below we will explain how you can improve your Google ranking.

Tip 1: A well-functioning website

People will quickly drop out if a page doesn't load quickly or if the website isn't available to all devices. After all, your website must be user-friendly, which is also called user experience. A long loading time of your website is the culprit for your conversion. Research even shows that a delay of 100 milliseconds already lowers the conversion by about seven percent. So make sure your website is fast, works well and is suitable for all devices. More and more people are using their mobile device with which they also visit your website.

In addition, check that there are no 'loose' pages floating around on your website. These are pages where there is no link points to, or a page that a user cannot click on. Visitors are on these kinds of pages quickly bored and therefore click away quickly. This increases your bounce rate, which Google sees as a downside concerns your ranking. In addition, the URL of your website should be short and to the point. This allows Google to quickly scan what content can be found on your site.

Tip 2: Relevant content, title tag and meta description

The more content your website has, the easier Google can rank it. However, it is good to state that the content must be relevant. Google is also allergic to spelling mistakes and phrases that are not well structured grammatically. Not only does Google hate this, but so does the website visitors. Once the content is written, sixty percent of the visitors will soon drop out.

In addition to your content, you should also think of a good title tag and meta description. The title tag is it subject that the visitor sees in Google that you can click on. The meta description is the description that you see under the title tag. Both should be clearly visible and grab the visitor's attention. Make sure you don't make this too long: this is another Google turnoff.

Tip 3: Images

We can't help but think that a website without images seems very bare. Although the appearance of a website is significantly improved thanks to images, you can also improve your Google ranking improve. To help Google get started scanning the images, you can include information about the image to give. First of all, you can add a file name; what do you see in the picture? You can also use the image alt-tag not missing. Here you indicate what the image is about. When people search in Google Images is chances are your image will show up. Finally, you can add information to the image title tag, the text people see when they hover over the image.

Tip 4: Link building

Thanks to link building, you can make significant strides in ranking in Google. Link building means that you obtain relevant links on other websites that point to your own website. Link building contributes about 42 percent to a good ranking, but this depends on the quality and the authority of the left. The more authority the other website has, the more Google will value it attach. It is also important not to build links too fanatically, because that can be counterproductive. So keep it as natural as possible and you will see it pay off.