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Do you want to make money with your website? You can sell links on your website. For example, you can write a blog post that contains a link to an external website. In return, you receive money.

You can register your website on Popi, a platform where publishers and advertisers come together. Publishers add their websites, while advertisers can purchase links on the publishers' sites. An advertiser can choose from a variety of websites on which to place a link, and your website can be among them.

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Why sell links?

Selling links allows you, as a publisher, to earn a nice extra income. But you might be thinking: advertising, affiliate marketing, and emails are also ways to make money with my website, right? However, these methods are nowhere near as effective as selling links.

  • Works better than advertising

    Selling links often works much better than advertising. Advertising can be quite detrimental to your website. Ads can run on very heavy scripts, causing your website to become slow. Visitors really don't want that. They quickly abandon a slow website. Additionally, ads can also take visitor data, which is crucial to keep in your own hands. Moreover, a website filled with ads can appear less trustworthy.
  • Affiliate marketing is a thing of the past

    With affiliate marketing, you link from your own page to an external website that sells products, such as a webshop. If a product is sold after clicking on your link, you get a percentage of the sale amount. It’s a way to make money with your website, but affiliate marketing is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Google penalizes affiliate marketing much more quickly, which can cause your Google ranking to plummet.
  • Email lists can seem like spam

    Sending emails with a reference to your website can work, but it can easily come across as spam. Visitors don't want countless emails from your website, and chances are the email will go straight to the trash.
  • Earn better and faster with an article

    By posting an article on your website that includes a link from the advertiser, you can earn money much faster and better. You get paid for this link. You set the price yourself. Moreover, your website will be filled with relevant content. What more could you want?

Selling links with Popi

Selling links is very simple. You can use Popi, a platform where you can register as a publisher with your own websites. Advertisers can then buy your link, allowing you to earn money. Our platform offers several benefits.

We provide content or you provide it

When an advertiser buys a link on your website, content must be written to accompany it. You can choose to have us provide the content. Our experienced writers can craft a suitable article around the link. You can also choose to provide the content yourself.

Approve or reject

Once the text is ready for publication, you can perform a final check. If the text is perfect, you can approve it, and it will be published on your website. If you’re not completely satisfied or the content doesn't fit well with your site, you can reject it and the writer will make the necessary adjustments.

Specify your preferences

When you register your website on Popi, you can provide detailed content guidelines, specifying exactly what the writer should consider, such as writing style, word count, or the inclusion of internal links. Additionally, you can indicate which niches you accept or reject, such as casino, crypto, or forex, allowing advertisers to determine if your website suits their needs.

Automatic payouts every month

The biggest advantage of Popi is that you can earn money with your website. For every link you sell, you get paid. You can set your own price for a link. Then, we provide you with a monthly payout. Earning money with your website has never been easier.

Why buy links?

Selling the links can therefore provide several benefits. But for the other party: why would you actually buy a link on a site?

By purchasing a link, you ensure it is incorporated into a text on an external website. This link, known as a backlink, points to your website. The more backlinks you have, and the higher their quality, the higher your website will rank on Google. This can lead to increased brand awareness, more traffic, and ultimately greater authority.

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Important questions and answers

When will I get paid?

We calculate the total of your placed links/articles and pay at the beginning of the following month.

Why do I need to provide my (business) details?

We need your (business) details to automatically generate invoices. Your IBAN is also required for payment.

Can I register as an individual?

Yes, you can sign up as an individual publisher. Just make sure to indicate that you are selling links as an individual. We are legally required to store your Social Security Number (SSN). Also, remember to declare your earnings from Popi as income.

Where can I add my sites?

After completing the registration form, you can submit your sites and set your rates and terms.

Can I list multiple sites?

Yes, you can list multiple sites. They must meet our requirements, which are visible when adding the sites. If you have more than 10 sites that meet our criteria, please email us at info@popi.nl, and we will send you an Excel sheet for bulk import. You can't resell placements within our platform.

Can I reject an article?

Yes, you are free to reject an article. You can also provide feedback first, so the article can be adjusted to your preferences.

Can I edit an article?

You can edit an article to better suit your audience. However, you cannot change the URL or anchor text.

Can I sell content on sites I don't own?

No, this is only possible in exceptional cases if you have exclusive rights to sell content. Please email info@popi.nl or message us in the chat for more information.

Can I write my own articles?

Yes, as a publisher, you can choose to write your own content. While we at Popi are always ready to write articles that align with your website, we understand you might prefer to create your own content. You have the flexibility to write and publish your own articles. Please indicate this when adding a website.

What should I charge for an article placement?

You are free to set your own prices, but competitive pricing is important. Lower prices attract more clients and increase the volume on your site. Popi earns a commission for bringing in clients and providing the platform. We are always available to help and advise you on the best pricing strategies.

Questions about selling links?

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