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Link building is undoubtedly an important part of any SEO strategy if you want to score the best positions in Google. With our link building platform, you have the ultimate tool to build a strong and sustainable link profile.

With the wide selection of websites, there are many possibilities for every topic and budget. This, combined with our rock-solid customer service and non-committal SEO advice, makes it possible for everyone to do their own link building.

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What is link building

Linkbuilding is the gathering of links to your website. These links may refer to your homepage, but also to pages or products on your site.

These links come from other websites, but how do you convince a website to include a link to your site? That's the art of link building.

Not every link has the same effect, so a link from an important website in your industry or region is a lot more valuable than a website without visitors or own Google positions.

Every link collected sends a signal to Google: this website is important because others link to it. Ultimately, these signals will cause your Google positions to rise.

On this page we will discuss in detail the ways you can do link building, and how you can get the best result with it.

Schedule for optimal effect with linkbuilding

Get the most out of your link building efforts, use our step plan for optimal effect.


Get your website technically in order

If your website is not technically well put together, the link building process cannot yield optimal results. Therefore, consider topics such as speed, sitemap, indexing and conversion optimization.


Determine where your opportunities lie

Conduct keyword research and find out where your chances of ranking lie. Think about the keywords you want to be found for. Be sure to look at the long-tail keywords: these tell you more about the search intention of the target group.


Create the right content on the site

It is also important to put the right content, such as pages and blogs, on your site. These must be of high quality and contain useful information. Popi's copywriters can write this high-quality content for you.


Do a baseline measurement before you start

It is important to make a baseline measurement. By doing this baseline measurement, you can see where your website is now and you can properly measure the results of your link building activities.

Would you rather have everything taken care of?

Tell us your wishes and we will take over the entire link building process. Starting from €500,- per month, we offer managed link building. Together we determine the focus, and we will manage your entire campaign.

  • Your own dedicated SEO consultant
  • No long-term contracts
  • Full transparency in the process
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Linkbuilding methods

Link building can be done in many ways, some ways are simple, but other ways are labor intensive. See which method suits you, or check out our managed link building options and put us to work.

Article link building

A well-known method in the link building world is article link building. Article link building means that you approach people (do outreach) and ask them if they want to publish an article with a link to your website.

We understand that this is a lot of hassle and that you do not know exactly which websites to approach. Fortunately, we have the solution: Popi as link building platform takes over this part for you. You can choose from 4,000+ websites that want to post an article with a link to your site. We write a catchy, relevant text for you or you provide one yourself, and the rest is taken care of for you.

Broken Linkbuilding

There is also a method called broken link building. In that case, you look for broken links: website A links to website B, but the page of website B that is linked to no longer exists. The link from website A therefore no longer has any added value, because it has no final destination. This is called a broken link. Instead, you can figure out a way to become the replacement for website B, so that website A will want to link to you. For example, you can write a good blog about the topic that matches the link from website A, and ask if they want to link to your blog. This way you can collect quite a few links.

Link building with products

Do you have an online store? Then of course you want as many of your products as possible to be at the top of Google and become known. You can also build links with products. For example, you can have your product tested by a person, who then writes a blog about it. This blog must of course link to your webshop.

Digital PR

A press release in which you say something remarkable can be picked up by the media. These can then write an article with a link to your original blog. And a link from a news site is very valuable: they have a high authority and that has positive consequences for your own website.

Guest blogging

You can also start link building as a guest blogger, for example if you have a lot of knowledge about something. For example, you can write a blog for a site related to your expertise or field. Your written blog will then contain a link to your own website.


Have you found a blog that has a lot of reach, but do you think you can surpass it? Then you can write a blog with even more relevant information, in the hope that you can also score on this and that it will be linked to your blog. This method is also called the skyscraper method. You can of course also approach people who want to link to your blog.

Do's and don'ts of link building

Link building is basically simple. But doing it right requires some knowledge, some types of links and content do more harm than good for your site.

  • Quality, quality and quality

    As mentioned earlier, it is important not to blindly collect all kinds of links. Links must come from quality websites. This has a positive effect on your own website. Countless links without any value pointing to your website is not a good approach. In that case, you may even receive a penalty from Google, causing your Google positions to collapse.
  • Natural link profile

    Work on a natural link profile. Make sure there are different links pointing to different pages on your website. It is also important that do-follow and no-follow links point to your website and that you also link internally within your website. Ensure continuity in link building, placing everything in one go and then nothing more is not natural.
  • Expertise and authority

    With the arrival of EEAT (experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness), it is important to write as much quality, reliable content as possible around the link. So make sure that you write or have written as much content as possible that resonates with the audience, the website and the link.
  • Keep going patiently

    Remember that link building is a long-term process. You will not see results immediately, but this may take some time. It is important to constantly remain busy with link building, for a natural link profile.

Linkbuilding tools every marketeer should use

There are a number of indispensable tools that you can use while link building. With these tools you can gain more insight into different websites and how these sites score, but also into the target audience and their search intent.


Ahrefs is a useful tool that you can use to conduct keyword research. You can retrieve various data about the keywords in Ahrefs, but you can also research different websites.

For example, you can view data on how well a website scores, which is also called the domain rating (DR). You can also find out what the top pages and competitors are and which organic search terms are being searched for. Based on this, you can, for example, determine what content needs to be written or how you can use your link building.


Moz is a useful tool if you want to get started with SEO. Moz is ideal, especially if you want to perform search engine optimization for your own website. It is also good to know that Moz is a very clear tool.

In Moz you can retrieve various data about keywords and how they score. You can also view data regarding backlinks here, such as the authority of the link or how many spam links point to a domain. In addition, Moz is also a useful program for crawling your pages.


Another tool you can use as a link builder is Majestic. With Majestic you can mainly view data regarding backlinks. You can read more about how these backlinks score and how the backlinks are used in combination with anchors. In other words, you can check the link profile.

The trust flow and the citation flow in particular are two points that are often used within Majestic. The citation flow tells more about the number of links from a site, while the trust flow tells more about the reliability of the links.


SEMrush is also a popular tool in the link building world. This tool is mainly about gaining insight into organic keywords, competition and authority.

With SEMrush you can also find out more about which content you can apply to your site or which content you can adjust. Content of course also plays a role in link building.

Score higher in Google with the right link building strategy

If you are going to do link building, it is important that you have a strategy, this makes choices easier and provides guidance.

Keyword research

Make sure you do some keyword research first. With such research you can discover what your target group is and which keywords the target group uses. The latter is also called search intent. You naturally want to know which keywords the target group is searching for, so that you can then respond to this.


Link building is for the long term. Make sure that you do not do everything at once, for example, consider placing links to your website at once. Structural link building is important in this case.

This point goes hand in hand with the previous point. It is smart to plan your campaign ahead. For example, you can set out and schedule everything once a month, so that you don't have to constantly look at it. Make sure you structure your campaign.

Selection of links

Relevance plays a major role. For example, if you write a blog, it is important that you include a link that fits well with the content, but also with the website on which the link is placed. In addition, the link must of course be relevant to the keywords for which you want to score.

What does your competitor score on? What are their top pages and which keywords do they rank for? It is important to take a closer look at your competitors, so that you know where you can score. Of course you want to get that top 1 position!

Choose external links from an authoritarian website. Authority is very important nowadays, and this is how you ensure that your site gains more authority.

Natural link profile

Also make sure that the links point to other pages on your website. It's not just about the homepage. In addition to external links, internal links are also important. The internal links are links that link to other pages within your own website.

A natural link profile is important. It is important that you got the links naturally, that the links are relevant and that they have a do-follow. It is also possible that you receive a link with a no-follow: this is not a disaster, because that also makes it natural.

Need help with your strategy?

Our SEO-consultants are happy to help you with a strategy that fits your needs and possibilities. Just reach out and tell us what you want to achieve.

SEO Copywriting

Relevance is important and that also applies to the content surrounding the backlink. Therefore, make sure that you write a good article that is relevant to your link, but also to the website where the article will be published. In addition, the article must also be attractive to the reader. This is also called SEO copywriting.

In addition, it is important to keep the content of your own website up to date. Think of regular new blogs or news items, keeping content up-to-date and adding new pages. Popi's copywriters can also help with this.

  • No more worrying about your content
  • Copywriters with a lot of experience
  • Just provide input, we will do the rest
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Important questions and answers

What is link building?

Link building is a part of SEO where you ensure that links from other websites point to your website. The quality and quantity of the links are taken into account and this can have an effect on the position in Google of your website.

What is the use of link building?

Thanks to link building, your position in Google can be increased, allowing you to stand out among the target group and increase traffic. In addition, you can increase the authority of your website with link building.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link from an external website that links to your website.

What are the benefits of outsourcing link building?

If you outsource link building, you can be sure that the process runs smoothly. Of course, you don't want your website to perform worse. This can also save you time and ensure that there are quality links pointing to your website.

What are the different link building methods?

There are different methods to tackle link building. For example, think of outreach, broken link building and the skyscraper technique.

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