General terms for the use of Popi.nl

Popi B.V. has the right to adjust these general terms and conditions. By using the software you grant permission for the latest version of the general terms and conditions. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us at: info@popi.nl or number +31 (0) 38 20 22 150

Article 1 - General provision

  1. These general terms and conditions apply to every agreement.
  2. We reserve the right to change the general terms and conditions. You agree that the latest version of these terms and conditions will always apply.
  3. Agreements that deviate from these terms and conditions are only valid if we have agreed these agreements with you in writing.
  4. If part of the terms and conditions are void or voidable, the other provisions of the general terms and conditions will apply. The null or void part will be replaced by a provision that is not non-invalid or voidable.

The general terms and conditions consist of two parts, the part of the use of our software on Popi.nl and the part of the agreement between buyer / advertiser and seller / publisher and Popi B.V. is closed. The first part will be called "Software Agreement", where the second part will be called "Publishing Agreement". Dutch law applies to both agreements, legal disputes will be submitted to the court in Zwolle.

Article 2 - Identity of the entrepreneur

Popi B.V.
Willemskade 19
8011 AD Zwolle

Reachable by phone at: +31 (0) 38 2022150
Reachable by email via: info@popi.nl
Chamber of Commerce number: 82643628
VAT number: NL862549590B01

Software Agreement

  1. When using Popi.nl, users agree to the provisions of the Software Agreement. This applies to the buyer / advertiser and seller / publisher. Popi B.V. reserves the right to change the entire terms and conditions, including the Software Agreement.
  2. By using Popi.nl you agree to the latest version of this Software Agreement.

Article 3 - Product

  1. By means of an online platform, Popi.nl offers software where various services can be purchased against payment.
  2. Services such as link or article placements on websites, texts and similar services can be purchased by advertisers via the platform of Popi.nl and placed by the publisher.

Article 4 - Availability and Registration

  1. Popi B.V. will do its utmost to ensure that the website is available and accessible.
  2. Popi B.V. cannot guarantee that Popi.nl will work flawlessly or will always be available. Popi B.V. is therefore not liable for damage if the website does not work or does not work safely.
  3. Popi B.V. is not liable for damage caused by incorrect information on the website.
  4. Popi B.V. provides secure login for users. When registering with the platform, all data must be entered truthfully.

Article 5 - User account

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to use Popi.nl.
  2. Popi.nl only accepts business users and cannot be used by private individuals.
  3. The login and account information must be protected from others. You must keep the password secret.
  4. If your account is misused, let us know as soon as possible and change the password immediately.
  5. Popi B.V. reserves the right to delete the account in case of abuse of the account or abuse of the law.

Article 6 - Liability

  1. Popi B.V. cannot be held responsible for:
    • Direct or indirect damage that you suffer from using Popi.nl.
    • Direct or indirect damage that you suffer from information on Popi.nl, regardless of whether this information comes from us or from third parties.
    • Direct or indirect damage resulting from errors made by third parties or resulting from errors beyond the control of Popi B.V. lie.
    • Direct or indirect damage resulting from changes to the search engines.
  2. Popi B.V. is at all times entitled to put Popi.nl out of service temporarily.

Article 7 - Popi.nl User Rules

  1. When using Popi.nl you may not abuse the website and Dutch law. In addition, you agree that you may not distribute the following components:
    • 18+ videos, images or other media with erotic content;
    • Texts or images that are offensive, racist, discriminatory or hateful;
    • Unsolicited advertising (spam);
    • False or misleading information;
    • Viruses, malware, spyware or other software intended to harm our computers or other users.
  2. In case of non-compliance with the rules set out in article 1, Popi B.V. the right to deny access to the platform.

Article 8 - Intellectual property

  1. All trademark rights, copyrights, database rights, database rights and all other intellectual property rights of any kind arising from Popi.nl together with the underlying software code are the exclusive property of Popi B.V ..
  2. By using Popi.nl you declare:
    • that you are the owner of the website you have connected
    • that you are authorized to share and license to us media, content and information that you choose to post.
    • that you Popi B.V. a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable and worldwide license to use all content, media and content that you upload on Popi.nl.
  3. Popi B.V. has the right to disclose information at any time. This for:
    • Lawsuits
    • Court orders
    • Laws and regulations
    • National security and public health

Publishing Agreement

  1. When using Popi.nl, users agree to the provisions made within these general terms and conditions. This applies to the buyer / advertiser and seller / publisher. Popi B.V. reserves the right to change the entire terms and conditions, including the Publishing Agreement.
  2. By using Popi.nl you agree to the entire terms and conditions, including the Publishing Agreement.

Article 9 - Agreements concluded via Popi.nl

  1. When there is a purchase on Popi.nl we speak of a collaboration between a publisher / seller and an advertiser / buyer. Popi B.V. does not own the websites that offer placements.
  2. All communication must go through Popi.nl. It is therefore not allowed to share telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or other communication options via Popi.nl. In violation of these communication requirements, Popi B.V. authorized to delete a user at any time.
  3. After a collaboration via popi.nl, both parties are not allowed to enter into a new collaboration outside the Popi.nl platform for a period of six months. A collaboration can be: in money, in kind and collaborations in the field of content.
  4. If Popi B.V. detects such a violation, it will impose a fine on the advertiser / buyer and publisher / seller. This fine is payable immediately and will be in the amount of € 450 (four hundred and fifty euros) or, unless that is higher, 40% of the fee agreed by the advertiser with the publisher.
  5. Any damages such as lost income and legal costs will be recovered from the publisher / seller.

Article 10 - Process of the agreement

  1. Popi B.V. makes every effort to ensure that the agreements run as smoothly as possible.
  2. A final agreement must be given by the publisher within seven days, if the publisher has not responded within seven days Popi B.V. the right to do an editorial check and approve the submitted content.
  3. Popi B.V. has the right to reject an agreement at any time if the publisher or advertiser has not adhered to the conditions described in these general conditions.

Article 11 - Contract duration

  1. All publishing agreements concluded through Popi.nl have rights and obligations which are described in these general terms and conditions.
  2. When publishing a content link, also called an article, these are placed at least for a period of two years (2 years). If the publisher / seller removes a content link within this period, Popi B.V. the right to reclaim the compensation paid.
  3. Other agreements / products that have a temporary duration of cooperation may not be removed in this temporary agreement. This also includes a claim on the payment paid out.
  4. Upon detection of a deleted collaboration, the publisher has 14 days to deliver the agreement in old / normal condition.
  5. When the publisher suspends this agreement, Popi B.V. right to reclaim the full amount, for all pending publications, previously paid to Publisher.
  6. Popi B.V. is not liable or responsible for negligence of publishers on the platform Popi.nl.

Article 12 - Prices and Costs

  1. Costs and prices shown on the website can be changed at any time. Popi B.V. is not responsible for errors in pricing.
  2. Payment via Popi.nl will always take place via a monetary amount in euros.
  3. Transaction costs incurred will be passed on to the advertiser / buyer.
  4. Popi B.V. has the right to request a commission on the agreements concluded. This will be calculated automatically. Popi B.V. reserves the right to change the amount of this commission.
  5. Prices will be shown exclusive of VAT. 21% VAT will be charged on our services and products.

Article 13 - Payment

  1. The publishers / sellers receive a fee for the services provided. Payments will be automatically billed monthly by credit note. Amounts are paid on the publisher IBAN known to us.