Content links

Create more brand awareness for your website and pass on the link value.

What is a content link?

Content links are links that are incorporated in an article. By devoting an entire article to a topic, you can give a lot of relevance to a link. This is also called article link building.

What are the benefits of a content link?

  • You can write an article around your link so that a lot of substantive link relevance is provided;

  • A content link remains for a long time and therefore has a sustainable link cooperation with your website;

  • You can receive referral traffic through the articles.

Take advantage of the Popi network

A big advantage of is that we have a large network of relevant sites. On these sites we publish articles with the content links, without prior difficult acquisitions. Time is money, and Popi wins with that! Choose the domains yourself by means of our handy ordering system that contains all metrics you might need.

Within the network, several domains with high authority and good scores are available. By publishing articles on these domains, your domain authority will also increase.