Directory links

The starting point of your link building strategy

What are directory links?

One of the best-known examples of a directory site is Within our network we also have such directory pages: more than 50 in fact! With a homepage link you can give your website a huge boost.

There is also a possibility to publish a link on one of the subdomains. Google makes extensive use of directory pages in ranking. Articles can also be placed on the home pages within the Popi network: useful for that extra boost.

  • Homepage links
  • Subdomain links
  • Content links

A good start is half the battle

Google makes extensive use of directory sites to rank search results. A useful link building strategy is to post links on a directory site. It is becoming increasingly difficult to rely solely on directory sites for the rankings of your website. That is why the directory sites are often used in combination with other forms of link building. By these other forms we mean links in, for example, an article and / or on a homepage.

Today it is a time consuming process to gather links from different directories. You have to get in touch with the owner of the site and you often have to exchange links to receive a link. Since Popi has a large network of directories, we can provide direct placements. This way you do not have to contact the webmaster for every link. Time is money!