Homepage links

Boost your site instantly with a homepage link!

What is a homepage link?

A homepage link is published on the homepage of a site. These links provide two important advantages:

  • Homepage links have the most link juice to distribute

    Homepage links are an important part of your link profile. Every homepage link will give a lot of link juice to your site, this juice can be easily distributed to pages on your site through the homepage.

  • Links on the homepage have a lot of visibility

    By publishing a link on the homepage, you create a lot of visibility for your link. This will improve the brand awareness of your brand or site.

Only the best SEO metrics

Different marketing tools like Ahrefs, MOZ en Majestic measure the power of the homepage. These marketing leading SEO software companies score sites, but also the homepage separately. These values are shown in these tools like:

  • Ahrefs - UR (URL Rating)
  • MOZ - PA (Page Authority)
  • Majestic - TF (Trust Flow)

All tools calculate a score from 0-100, higher scores are better. Popi uses these scores to make sure you can analyze, and select the best links for your link profile.