How does Popi work

All-in-one marketing platform is a perfect marketing tool for marketers who want to improve their websites position. It is the link between websites and advertisers.

Why Popi?

Today it is a time consuming process to get an article or a link on a website. This can sometimes take days to weeks for a final link placement to be realized. We identified these pain points during link building for ourselves and for our customers. This process should be easier, right? In a time of automation, it is time for us to take a closer look at this process. That's why we have a solution!

The solution

By removing all these pain points in the purchasing process, Popi quickly manages to offer added value. Like a true Mr. Popular (that is what Popi means in Dutch), Popi has created a network in which we have already done all the work for you. Handy, right?

How do we work

We have a large inventory with hundreds of websites where you can post an article. By means of API-connections with MOZ, Majestic and Ahrefs, we show all current data points of these marketing tools. The prices are already sharply negotiated for you, so you don't have to do that yourself! You choose an interesting website, then you can pick who writes the article for you and place the order. The article will be ready for you within a few days or even hours. A final check and the article is live.

Who else is Popi for?

In the above examples we discuss the pain points that are often seen with advertisers, but also the publishers experience many pain points in this process. You often have to explain the entire protocol again and answer tons of emails before a deal is finally closed. For the publishers who are connected to Popi, we solve all these pain points too! You register your site on and set your prices and options. Now you simply have to wait for the first order.

And there is the moment: the order comes in and the article is immediately delivered for you! We add up your earnings for the entire month and the money is automatically deposited.

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