The difference between SEO and SEA



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The difference between SEO and SEA

You have probably heard the terms SEO and SEA. It has both to do with online marketing and the Both also ensure that you rank higher in Google. However, there are a few big differences between these two jargons. We will explain this in detail for you below.


SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, which is also known as search engine optimization. When If you work on your SEO, you ensure that your website becomes easier to find for organic search results. This are results you didn't pay for. An example: when you want to search for something on Google, there are always ads at the top. The organic search results are shown below. Of course everyone wants rank first in organic search results. The techniques used for this are called search engine optimization.

How does SEO work?

You apply search engine optimization to get as high as possible in the SERP. SERP is also called Search Engine called Results Page. In other words, the SERP is the list of results shown when you have something looked up in Google. There are several ways to appear higher in the search results where good content, link building and a good, fast and accessible website are a few of them. This will make you better be findable, which leads to more awareness, higher turnover, lower advertising costs and perhaps even fixed customers. So we can't ignore the fact that SEO is very important for your organization.


SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. These are the ads you see first when you search for something on google. This is often also indicated by the word 'Advertising' that you see above the search result. In front of SEA you have to pay to be seen first in Google. This is an easy way and you reach here your target group, but the prices of such an advertisement can rise considerably. Especially when a certain keyword is linked to a high search volume you have to put down quite a bit of money, or if there is a lot of competition is.

How does SEA work?

Google Ads is Google's advertising system. In this system you can bid on certain keywords on which you want to be seen. This system works on a cost-per-click basis: every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement click, you pay a fixed amount. As was just said, you can pay a lot of money for this. You decide real your budget in advance and if this budget has been reached, because your ad has been clicked so often, the advertisement will disappear by itself.


The main difference between SEO and SEA is that you have to pay for SEA. These paid ads will always appear at the top of the SERP. If you want to appear high on the SERP thanks to SEO, you have to here, in compared to SEA, invest a lot of time. SEO is a long-term solution, while SEA is not is. The paid advertisements have quickly disappeared. This makes it difficult to maintain a long-term build results. To answer whether SEO or SEA is better really depends on your target. Do you want to see results quickly and do you have enough budget? Then SEA can be a useful tool. Do you prefer be seen in Google for a longer period of time and do you have enough time available? Maybe SEO is something for it you.

There are also countless companies that opt for SEO and SEA. Search engine optimization will get you in the long run term higher in Google, but thanks to paid advertisements you get a big boost of visitors on your website. And that can yield a lot.